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avatar drabbles

one hundred words and counting

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This community is for the posting of drabbles for Avatar: the Last Airbender, because, hey, who doesn't like drabbles? A drabble for the uninitiated is a one hundred word story in its strict definition, though anything between 100-1000 words is welcomed here. Don't worry: we won't bite. :)

A weekly challenge will be issued - a theme, phrase, idea, etc., to serve as inspiration. The person who issued the challenge will select a 'winner' who will issue the next challenge, and so on.

Drabbles that are not written for a challenge are welcomed as well as drabbles in response to a previous challenge, though only drabbles posted for the current challenge are viable. If you post multiple drabbles in response to any one challenge, please note which one drabble you would like to be considered in the running.

Please post one drabble at a time, for archival purposes.

in what way?
Please label the subject of a post containing a drabble with the Title and Challenge # if applicable. For those issuing a challenge, please label the subject of the post as Challenge #: The Challenge (for example, Challenge #1: Vision).

The header to a drabble should contain the following:

Title: (self-explanatory)
Author: (the name you wish to be archived under)
Word Count: (you can use a word counter here)
Warning: (if the story contains violence, adult content, spoilers, etc.)
Challenge: (if applicable)

Please use an lj-cut for the body of your post (ie, the drabble).

We now have tags for posts in the community. Please check this before adding any tags to your posts. I will create all new tags, so don't worry about creating any yourself. :)

please to observe
Don't insult an author or their writing, be constructive, and under no circumstances will there be flaming. You know, the usual play nice rules.

Please don't use this community for advertising. Advertising (and episode discussion and basically any post that isn't centered around a drabble or a challenge) is off-topic and thus not welcome here. Feel free to try one of the general Avatar communities!

memlu is the mod and can be reached either at her livejournal or at memlu(at)livejournal(dot)com.