Meredith (gladdecease) wrote in theavatar100,

Challenge 44, Ye Olde Cliché (This Time with Disco): Love Polygons

Title: Love Polygons
Author: gladdecease
Word Count: 152
Challenge: 44
Notes: Gah, the ruined 100-even wc! However, this was worth it. I've been wanting to do this for ever. Ah...general parody-zation of all under-20 not-Azula ships, plus an implied super!crack!ship.

Aang walked up to Katara, blushing nervously. “Katara, I—I like you. A lot.”

Katara flushed, surprised. “Aang, I…”

Suddenly, Jet jumped down from a tree above, holding a flower out to Katara. “Forget the kid, Katara. You know I’m the one you want.”

Before she could speak, a boulder flew past Katara, knocking Jet down as Haru straightened from his bending stance. “Katara and I have so much in common—we deserve each other!”

A flame shot towards them as Zuko strode out, confessing his secret desires for Katara. The Waterbender watched on as the four boys began bitch-slapping each other over her (Meng and Song attempting to seduce Aang and Zuko from the background).

Sokka might have tried to stop them, but was busy being fought over by Yue and Suki.

As for Appa, Momo, and Iroh?

Who cares? They’re not involved in any love polygons here.

...or are they?
Tags: #044: ye olde cliché
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